Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Past Month

Normally I don't let a whole month go by before I blog. But time seems to be flying. Ciara had her last day of preschool, her dance recital, choked on some quarters (I had to do the Heimlich on her) and she went to Vegas for a long weekend. Caden finished school, soccer, started a new soccer, and now has a stomach flu. Rocky lost his job, and found a new one Downtown which is nice (he was commuting to Park City before). And I sold my car and bought a new one. My original title for this post was "Dave Ramsey Sucks." Then it was going to be "Larry Miller Used Cars Sucks." But now so much else has happened, I couldn't dedicate the whole post to them. Dave Ramsey no longer sucks. I was just bitter because my husband started to listen to him, which is why we sold my car. But I ended up getting a somewhat cooler car (no more minivan for me) so I am happy. But purchasing the car is what made me had the Larry Miller people. I understand that salesmen are not to be trusted. But what this guy did really made me mad. In our quest for a new car, we ended up at the Larry Miller used car super-whatever in Sandy. These guys don't even let you get out of your car before they pounce on you. We explained what we were looking for, and one guy decides to help us. They can't find the car we want, so he starts to drive us on other dealer's lots to find us our car. We finally see one at Riverton Hyundai, and we look at it and are interested. We asked him how much the wanted for it, so he races in to ask. He comes back out and tells us that they have it at $20,000, but he can get us into it for $15,000. We say no thanks, and leave to go to another dealership. On our way out, we decide to call the Riverton Hyundai people just to see how much they tell us the car is. Lo and behold, they are asking $12,000. Seriously? Did they other sales person think we were stupid? It ended up being the car we purchased, but I was just so mad a the Larry Miller guy. To almost double the price and then act like he could get us a good deal? I understand they work on commission, but to blatantly lie . . . well, it is over, and I am liking my car so far. But do NOT go to the LHM dealerships.
Here are some recital pics: