Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where Was I?

I really don't know what has been going on this past month. Usually I can post once a week or more, but lately I have not been on the computer. We had the birthdays, Easter, meetings, tests, staples . . . OK, when we last left off, I was going to check out another buffet. Golden Corral sucks. We all thought the food was awful (although they have a lot more of it than Chuck-a-rama). Rocky even had a feather left in his chicken. How does that happen? Then to top it all off, Caden tripped and fell, which resulted in 2 staples in his head. I still can't figure out how he fell so hard, but blood was every where, and I think we freaked out all the other patrons. He is better now, staples are out, but Ciara was very upset when this happened.
Tomorrow I am going to Logan to visit a good friend of mine (or BFF as I should call her) and can't wait! Then later in the day I will be making another trek down to Provo. It is going to be a busy day!
Also, I have registered Ciara for Kindergarten. I can't believe she is alreayd that old. I thought I would be all excited to have her out of the house every day, but I almost cried thinking about it. I am sure I will be more excited after it has happened. But still, she seems to young to be riding a bus.
And I finally moved both kids out of car seats. Yes, Ciara was 5 and still in our Britax. But now both kids have boosters. I got the Recaro ones, and I will have to let you know how I like them.
Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birthday Madness!

Yes, I have been missing for a while. April is a crazy month for us. We kicked it off with Caden's birthday. For his dinner, we decided to introduce him to Chuck-a-rama. Since this kid loves to eat, we figured it would be a natural combination.

And it was. He ate about 8 bowls of yogurt and applesauce at the same time. As you can see, he had a spoon in each hand and was as happy as can be. He is definitely my special boy!

What we didn't count on was the other child falling in love with the buffet. Ciara was in love with the desserts and hot chocolate. So she has decided that is where she wants to go for her birthday. After talking with some buffet buffs, they have all directed me to go to Golden Corral. Apparently it is much better than Chuck-a-rama. We will see.

You might not be able to tell from this picture, but we did cut about 6 inches off Ciara's hair. It was all her idea. I kept trying to talk her out of it, but she insisted that she wanted short hair. So we did it, and I almost cried as I saw all the hair come off. But it looks really cute, and it can always grow back.

Caden got a big boy bike for his birthday, and it sucks that there is too much snow on the ground now for him to ride it. He has ridden it every day that was sunny, but now it is in the garage for a little while. Maybe this weekend. I cannot believe how big the kids are getting. It is just crazy. I know all parents say this, and now I know why. I will have to post more pictures of Easter and birthday parties later. Things should slow down soon!