Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dancing Baers

We finally received Ciara's dance recital DVD. (Some professional films it and then makes DVD's that the parents can buy, since we are not allowed to record the performance ourselves.) She LOVES it. We had to watch it at least 3 times yesterday, and also had to rewind her own dance about 15 times. She told me that she thinks that she is the prettiest dancer. I happen to agree. I digress. There is one dance that involves Jasmine and a prince. This prince is a dancer from Ballet West that was helping with the recital. In his dance, his shirt is off. This seems like a random statement, but it should make sense later. After Ciara had watcher her dance for the 15th time, she wanted to put her costume on and dance along with the video to show Caden. After she finished, they decided to go jump on the trampoline. A few minutes when by, and I decided to check on them. I look outside and see Caden without his shirt. Ciara is dancing around saying, "Caden, now spin me. OK, now lift me up." Caden was trying to hard to lift her up, but he just couldn't. So Ciara says, "You're too little, so I will lift you up." Ciara lifts up her brother (but not very easily since they are both the same weight) and they continue dancing. Ciara was trying to reenact the Jasmine/Prince pas de deux from the dance video. I wish I had my video camera handy. I just loved that she made Caden take his shirt off so he could be like the prince. And on a 90210 update, I just watched the infamous prom episode (you know, where Donna gets drunk). I am so looking forward to the next episode with one of my favorite chants: "Donna Martin graduates!" It was brought to my attention yesterday that I have been slacking on my movie quotes. Here is one to get you through the weekend: "You can only hear that Richard Gere gerbil story so many times before you start to believe it."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Yesterday, we had our primary program.  We had practice for 3 hours on Saturday.  I was one of only 2 teachers who actually showed up to this.  It was fun.  I say that in a dead tone, since it was NOT fun.  You all are familiar with my rebellious class.  They were all there for the performance, and were quite good during the actual performance.  Ciara was adorable if I may say so.  She said both of her lines, and sang her song so well!  (Can you tell I am a little proud?)  Anyways, after the program we had to go to primary (of course).  They kids were a little wound up.  And what did the presidency do to help calm them down?  They game them cookies, and chocolate bars and Skittles.  And then sent them off to be taught by me.  WHY?????  I think it was some kind of test.  They were so rowdy.  Luckily, I have a new teacher with me, so she was there to help with crowd control.  It did help, but I was still tired after.  Thank goodness we are gone next week.
Yes, out of town again.  But this time with the whole family.  We are going to a cabin in Yellowstone.  I hope the kids enjoy it.  I am kind of afraid they might get bored.  But I could be surprised.  
Also, I have been watching a lot of 90210.  My sister has season 1 and 3 on dvd.  I am watching 3 right now, and for those of you that don't know, that is their senior year.  I haven't seen these episodes since I watched them the first time, when I was in middle school.  Last night I watched the episode where Dylan's dad gets blown up.  Dylan says a really good line while making out with Kelly: "You need a dose of Dr. Dylan's good beside manner."  This show just makes me laugh.  Jim and Cindy really have a lot to teach all of us about being good parents.  :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Diaper Review

I decided to test some new diapers. I don't know why I decided to do this. I guess I just like to research just about anything. So I ordered some new diapers (all environmentally friendly, I have been done with the Huggies and Pampers for a while) and have come to some conclusions. The first brand I tried was Tender Care. These SUCK. Every time I used them on Caden, the leaked. I had to change his pants every time the diaper got wet. I don't know what was wrong with them, but seriously, EVERY TIME. I ended up throwing those away. The next brand I tried was Seventh Generation. I am kind of enjoying these. They are nice and stretchy, and they absorb well (unlike the previous brand). Rocky doesn't like that they are tan instead of white. This isn't really a big deal to me. The only thing I don't like about them is that they seem to leave a little residue on Caden's bum. It reminds me of Pampers and Huggies, which always left little gel things all over him. Other than that, they are good. The final brand I tried was Nature Babycare. This is the brand I have actually been using for the last 8 months or so. These still remain my favorite. They are stiffer and less flexible than the Seventh Generation, but they don't leave stuff of Caden's butt. I also have never had a leaking problem. I did get a bad batch one time, where the diaper kept detaching from the Velcro, but that was just once. These still remain my favorite. I also use the wipes, but am also trying new wipes. I am currently using the Seventh Generation wipes, and they are a bit disappointing. They are too thin, and they kind of clump together when I take them out. So, in conclusion, Nature Babycare win both categories for me (wipes and diapers). Either way, I want to encourage everyone to at least try using environmentally friendly diapers.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Mom's Gone Wild

As I mentioned before, I went on a girl's trip with some of my friends this weekend.  We just got back last night, and I am still recovering.  Instead of giving you all a rundown on everything we did, I am going to post some of the best lines from the weekend, and some of the unforgettable moments.  Many of these things may not make sense to the majority of you, but this is the best way for me to remember the weekend.  Needless to say, we had a BLAST!
"That was when I hit rock bottom."
"Don't I have better legs than Valerie?"
"I am going to take of my pants, but first I want to finish this beer, then I need to poop."
"I want to sit on your face."  (this is said screaming really loudly)
"You have fu#$%^ with the wrong person!!"
"I'm Sarah, I'm Sarah!"
"I'm gettin' my drink on."
"I've never seen Lori so sluty, and she doesn't even look sluty."
"Oh, is it separation anxiety?"
"I've kissed as many girls as I have boys."
"What color are your nipples?"
"Let's call Ben!"
"I've already pooped 3 times."
These are not quotes, but other things I would like to mention:
90210 game- mom pants, valley of Donna, hot pink, Steve in clothes, something crappy happens to Andrea for no apparent reason
American Idol
hot guy surfing on the computer
Kyle, Dusty the bartender, Santa Claus guy and socks guy
we heard Brandi's fat kid
the black eye's in Driggs
drunk by association
cheese bagel and chocolate fountain

Monday, September 8, 2008

Caden's School

Today was Caden's first day of school. I was kind of sad to see him go off to class. Although the rest of me was cheering for almost 3 hours of no kids. He was a little excited about going, especially since one of his teachers is the same as last year (Ms. Kara). But as soon as we got to class, he got really shy and didn't want me to go. I was sure he was going to cry, but he didn't. He was such a big boy. He walked over to the books with Ms. Kara and they read while I said goodbye and left. He turned shy as soon as I returned to pick him up too. He had a great time, and they said he was a big helper. It is bittersweet to see the youngest go to school. I look forward to it, but then I get a little sad. He is growing up too fast. And what did I do with my free time? Well, I thought about going to the gym, which is probably what I will normally do. But this time I decided to get a yummy chocolate croissant and enjoy it. So I did. On other news, I am leaving for a girl's trip on Thursday! Wahoo! We are going to Jackson Hole for 4 days. I can't wait! We did this last year (to Moab) and had a blast. We usually don't have a lot of plans. Most of us are just happy to be child- and husband-less. We get silly, gossip, laugh a LOT and have lots of stories when we come back. So if you all don't hear from me for a while, be patient because I am sure I will have lots of stories when we get back!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Continued from yesterday . . .

She actually went through with it! Ciara got her ears pierced! I took her today, and I really didn't think she would go through with it (again) but she hopped up into the chair, all ready to go. She did start crying after the first ear, and I was afraid she wouldn't let them do the second ear. But amidst all the crying, she still held her head still so they could do the other ear. She was very brave, and stopped crying pretty quickly. She cannot stop touching her ears now. And she stares at herself in every mirror she passes. Here are some pictures of my big girl with earrings:

I also realized that I have been slacking on the movie quotes. So here is a new one for you all:

"Or perhaps a house full of dwarfs. I hear they are very hospitable."

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Forgotten Posts

I have thought many times over the last few days about what I would post.  Every time, I would have some great discussion about some topic that had caught my attention that day.  But life would get in the way of my actually making my way to the computer, and now that I have time I have forgotten everything I was going to mention.  So I apologize if this bores you.  I promise, I had much better ideas!
Rocky and I watched "The Bucket List" the other night.  I wasn't expecting much from it, and was pleasantly surprised.  It made me contemplate my own "Bucket List."  I know that many of you may have already posted something similar, but I will not include the things I have already accomplished (such as have kids, get married, etc.) or things that I have no control over (like see my kids get married and have kids).  I know that this list will change over the years, but right now, this is what I have:
1.  Go cage diving with Great White Sharks.
2.  Go to the Kentucky Derby, wear an outrageous hat, and drink a Mint Julep.
3.  See the Great Wall of China.
4.  See the Egyptian Pyramids.
5.  Buy a pair of designer shoes (Jimmy Choo's, Manolo's).
6.  Get Lasik.
7.  Go back to visit Oman and Colombia.
8.  Attend a High School reunion (which would half accomplish #7).
9.  Learn Italian and Portuguese.
10.  Get some really nice family pictures taken.
11.  Eat at Serendipity.
12.  Go to Wimbledon.
13.  Drive a fancy sports car.
14.  Meet any of the men of my "List."  (For the final list see here.)
15.  Wear my wedding dress again.
16.  Buy a puppy (preferably a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).
That is all I can come up with tonight.
On another topic, Ciara asked again to have her ears pierced.  She wants to go tomorrow.  I doubt whether or not this well happen.  I will let you all know.
I have also finally started to list Ciara's old clothes on Ebay.  This has been somewhat sad for me.  She has such cute clothes (at least in my opinion) and it makes me sad to give them away.  Many of you may think, "But what if you have another girl?"  I have thought about that question, and for now, there are no other children in sight.  I am perfectly happy with the status quo, and do not feel the need to change anything.  If we were to have more kids, it would be so far down the line that most of her stuff would be out of style, and I would want new stuff.  I did keep my favorites, so I am not getting rid of everything.  But if you, or anyone you know if, is interested in some cute clothes for girls, you can find me here.  If any one that reads this (or whose friends live in town) I will waive the shipping fee.  I also have a box of stuff that is unsellable on Ebay, so anyone who is interested in looking at that let me know!  I have lots more items to list, mostly in the 6-12 month size, so those will be coming up soon.
One last thing . . . here are some pics that I took of the scrapbook I made.  These are not of the one I am making now (that won't be done for some time . . . Sorry Brandi!) but they are of the one I made for my sister last year.  Enjoy!