Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Random Things

Whenever I am away from my computer, I have so many things that I think about blogging. As soon as the computer goes on, I forget all of them. So why am I writing? I think I will just repost something from my facebook page. For those of you that read it, sorry. This is a repeat. But for the rest of you, enjoy! 1. I was in 5th grade twice, but graduated High School when I was 17 (blame in on going to school in 3 different countries). 2. I get a little obsessive when reading. I can't put a book down, and I don't rest until I am finished. 3. My feet grew 1/2 size after having 2 kids (6 1/2 to 7). 4. I don't run, but am interested in training for a marathon. 5. I recieved the calculus and physics award in High School. 6. I didn't learn to drive until I was almost 17, and didn't drive regularly until after High School. 7. I danced classical ballet until I was 18. 8. I HATE tomatoes, but love its products (salsa, spaghetti sauce, ketchup). 9. For about 5 years of my life, I had a British accent. 10. I have a great memory for random facts. 11. I have had 6 or 7 friends get divorced in the past year. 12. My first major was Biology (I was PreMed). 13. My last major was Spanish, and I did finish it. 14. I am constantly thinking of going back to school to be a nurse (if I had the time and money to do it). 15. I played piano until my 2nd year of college. 16. I also played the flute and french horn (but not for that long). 17. I love to sing. I am not very good, but I like to imagine that I am on Broadway. Musicals are my favorite to sing to. 18. I have honestly never tried any drugs. Not even pot. Not sure why, all my friends did. But I didn't. 19. I streaked once in college across campus. It was about 3 in the morning, and there were about 8 of us in just our shoes. 20. I went to Mardi Gras when I was in college. That is all you need to know about that. 21. I have travelled all over the world, to random places like Kenya, Singapore, Tahiti, and Dubai. 22. I actually like math. 23. I hate to ski. 24. I worry about raising my kids in Utah. 25. I want to loose 20 more lbs, but I love food too much to do it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama in the Jury Room

Today I had jury duty. I was dreading this for so long. For those of you that don't know, the last time I had jury duty, I was put on a trial that lasted 3 days. I was also 7 months pregnant, with a 1 year old at home. It was a horrible experience. Luckily, today, they settled out of court, so we were all released. While waiting, the coordinator put the inauguration on his laptop so we could all watch. It wasn't my ideal place to watch this historical event, but it was kind of neat to see everyone clap after he was inaugurated, and to see how much attention we were all paying to his speech. Yay for Obama! And where have I been this past week? I don't know why I haven't been blogging. I must have been busy. I did go and visit a good friend of mine in Ft Worth. I had the best time! I was so sad to leave Tiina, and hope to visit again. We ate so much food (and I tried Taco Bueno, and don't get what all the fuss is about). Mainly, we just talked and talked and talked. Do you all have friends where it doesn't seem to matter how long you have been apart, but you seem to pick up right where you left off whenever you do get together? Tiina is like that for me. I hadn't seen her in almost 2 years, but it didn't seem that way. I still miss you Tiina! I was also introduced the "Flight of the Conchords" while in TX. I will post you a clip from "Business Time" which makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hoes Gotta Wash Their Clothes Too.

So there was this show on when I was in college called Sifl and Olly.  Most people have not heard of it.  So much so that I was starting to believe that I had imagined the whole show.  But I have found proof on UTube.  Here are some of my favorite clips: