Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dress Shopping

With the holidays coming up, I have begun my yearly search for the perfect dress for Ciara.
Every year, she gets a new Christmas dress.
Most years, they are pretty fancy: velvet, taffeta, etc.
My absolute favorite dress was a more casual dress.
It was the snowflake dress from Hanna Andersson.
Of course, they don't make it anymore.
(If anyone from Hanna Andersson is reading this, BRING BACK THE SNOWFLAKE DRESS!)
It was a great dress for the holidays.
Since they don't carry it anymore, I am stuck with searching for something new.
During my search, I found myself on
Every dress that I liked was for girls that are 5 years or younger.
Is it just me, or is it impossible to find cute and APPROPRIATE clothes for the 8-11 year old girl?
For some reason, 8 seems to be when clothing makers start to make clothes that just seem a little too mature (or just plain trashy).
My 8 year old is still a little girl, and I will continue to dress her that way.
She still loves for everything to match.
She also still loves dresses.
If anyone can suggest a place to get a cute, casual (and yet still unique) dress, let me know!
I may see if eBay has any of the old snowflake dresses.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Gifted, and The Money Mouth

Yes, we survived Sandy.
We were very lucky and never lost power, had no trees blow down, and we stayed dry and safe.
My heart goes out to those that were not so lucky.
In other news:
Caden's teacher spoke with me about having him tested for the "gifted" program at school.
I have to say, I am hesitant.
I was in one of those programs, and I honestly don't think it did me any good.
(Nor do I think I qualify for the "Gifted" label.)
I am all for challenging him, keeping him progressing in every way.
But I guess I just shy away from the label.  
Couldn't we just call it something else?
We will just have to wait and see how it goes.
(This is not something that I have talked with the kids about, I figure the less they know, the better.)
And my poor Ciara . . . . 
We saw an orthodontist yesterday.
I knew her teeth were messed up, but I didn't realize how much.
Apparently, to correct her under bite and narrow upper jaw, she gets braces, a palate-expander, and some wonderful headgear that she will have to wear ALL DAY  LONG.
Here is an example of the headgear:
For 2-3 months, she will have to wear this all day long (only to be taken off to eat). 
Then it will be for 12 hours a day, and then only for night. 
I have to say, I was shocked.  
I didn't think ANYONE had to wear headgear anymore.
I know she is nervous about it as well.
We are getting another opinion before we proceed, but I guess it is better to do it now, and get it over with.
I kind of like her crooked little smile.
I will be sad to see it go.