Saturday, May 28, 2011


I can't believe the end of the school year is already here!

Since it was his last year of preschool, he had a graduation ceremony.
I was in tears the whole time.
I can't believe that we are done with preschool. 
And now both of my kids are in elementary school.
What will I do with myself next year??
Should I get a job?
Hmmmm, probably not.
I will just make myself available to volunteer in the classroom as much as possible!
I have noticed that I am very reluctant to let Caden grow up.
With Ciara, I am excited to see her take the next step, but I would like to keep Caden young for a little bit longer.
If time travel were possible, I would love to revisit the days when my kids were babies.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rough Week

The plague has descended upon our house.
It all started last Friday with Ciara.
She woke up feeling not so great, so I let her stay home from school.
She got progressively worse throughout the day, with stomach pain, fever, and congestion.
Everyday, I thought she would get better, but she didn't.
She missed school on Monday as well.
Tuesday, she finally went back to school, even though she looked quite pale.
And lo and behold, Wednesday Caden came down with the same thing.
Ciara's also made a reappearance Wednesday night (they both woke up and threw up all over).
Thursday morning we had an appointment with an ENT.
I considered rescheduling, but being that it took me 8 weeks just to get an appointment, I wasn't going to give up my visit!
So I woke up the kids at 6:15 (the appointment was at 7:30, but it takes 30 mins to get to the hospital, and another 30 to navigate through the huge place to find the office).
I also gave them each a mixing bowl to carry with them at all times in case they got sick again.
So we trudged through the hospital, puke buckets in hand, to meet with the ENT.
Everything was fine at the appointment.
Ciara has some hearing loss (not permanent) due to fluid in her ears.
If it doesn't clear up in 6 weeks, we will put tubes in.
Anyway, we made it home, and both kids have been feeling pretty badly.  
Ciara has been not sleeping due to noises she hears.
She says she hears footsteps in her head all the time.
I tried explaining that she is just hearing her heartbeat (because of all the fluid in her ears) but she still thinks that someone is coming to get her.  
She wakes up crying multiple times per night with nightmares about this.
And she gets freaked out because she gets dizzy every time she shuts her eyes (another side affect of her ears).
I hope that we can make it the 6 weeks, and that it was actually resolve itself.
And to top it all off, I whacked my head extremely hard on the washing machine yesterday (don't ask me how).
Rocky thinks I need stitches, but I am still hopeful that it will just heal.  It seems to have stopped bleeding, but it is really hard to see because my hair is in the way.
Either way, it is just painful.
Could we please have one, healthy, accident-free month? 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finally, Ciara's Birthday!

I love looking back at all these pictures!  What an adventure and joy you have been, Ciara.