Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Weeks

Yes, we only have 3 weeks to go before we get to move into the house. I cannot wait to decorate. I have been dreaming of painting for days now. I mentally redecorate and move in about every hour or so. And we will finally have INTERNET! Thank goodness. I will also be able to post pictures. Luckily the weather is gorgeous now, so we have been spending a LOT of time at the park. Rocky is still really busy at work, which is good, but bad since he isn't around much. But they are rewarding us with a trip to Harrisburg this weekend with a family pass to the IMAX to see Alice in Wonderland. The kids are very excited, as am I. We are also making a Costco run. I guess that is all for now. I do miss everyone, and hopefully we be much better and being in contact once we have internet (and once we are in an area where I get cell reception in the house).