Monday, September 27, 2010

Business Idea

If you haven't met me, I should start this out by saying that I am kind of a neurotic cleaner and organizer.  I can't rest or relax if things are not put away and clean. 
 It is just how I am.  It is hereditary; my mom has it and so does my sister. 
 Growing up, I thought this was just how everyone was.  I thought everyone got grounded for leaving towels on the floor. 
Then as grew, I noticed that not everyone's house is that way. 
Most people are relatively neat, but not as crazy as my family.  As an adult, I know that my house is cleaner than most, but also accept the fact that I am the crazy one.  I don't care how other people keep their own house.  I just choose to keep mine a certain way.
These last couple weeks, I have had the opportunity to help my friend organize certain rooms of her house.  And the craziest part is that I REALLY enjoy doing it. 
During one of our sessions, she suggested that I create my own business to organize other people houses, or even businesses I guess.
That got me thinking.
Could I actually do that?
I get stuck on the logistics of it.  How do I tell people that I am qualified to do that?  If you know me, you might appreciate my anal qualities, but how do I explain that to strangers?
She suggested taking before and after pictures.  And then starting a website. 
Does anyone else have an opinion?  Could this actually work?  Are there enough people out there who would pay for my help?

Friday, September 10, 2010


So my last post sucked.  I just couldn't seem to find the words to describe how much fun we had.  And I know why.

I am in a funk.

There are several reasons for this funk:
1.  I recently had a house full of visitors and they are now all gone.  The house has felt empty.
2.  BOTH kids are now in school (not full time, but I have a couple of hours 3 days a week to myself) so the house is REALLY empty.
3.  I am missing my first girls trip.  I have gone on a girl's trip (Mom's Gone Wild) since it was started (4 years ago) and this weekend, they are all (minus me) in Sun Valley right now.

I have been looking forward to having some alone time, but now that I have it, I just don't know what to do with  myself.  Today, I decided to turn on the TV. 

What a Mistake!

I have been sucked into watching "A Baby Story."  NOT the show to be watching while missing your children who are now old enough to be in school.
Watching all these women give birth has made me a little emotional. 
(I guess another reason for the funk is just plain old PMS.)
I have been reminiscing about the births of both of my kids, and then I get all sad because they are so big now!

Where did the time go?

So here I sit, watching a "Baby Story" with tears streaming down my cheeks.  Am I a wreck or what?
Then the thought hits, "Hey, I could just have another baby!" 
Seems like the perfect solution, right?


At first, this idea appealed to me.  I LOVE babies, and what better to have one around all the time!
Then I remember the sleepless nights, diapers, breast-feeding, and being pregnant.

Also, is being lonely the best reason for having a baby?  Probably not.
At least, not for me.
I am going to have to deal with an empty house at some point.  I can't avoid it forever. 
(And most days I really look forward to having alone time.)

Things to look forward to with my alone time:
1.  Getting the house finally decorated.  I need to paint, and soon.  I put it of all summer, and now is the time to get it done.
2.  SCRAPBOOKING!  I have not made any pages in months, years possibly.  Plus, I have 2 baby books to make for some friends that I HAVE to get done before the end of the year.
3.  Being able to help out in school.  I am really looking forward to becoming more involved in Ciara's (and eventually Caden's school.)

I will now focus on these last 2 items, and work on getting out of this funk.
(and some chocolate might help as well)

Pig Wrastling

Yes, I went to a pig wrestling event.  I have been informed by my sister that it should be pronounced "wrastling" since pigs are involved. 
I have some friends who decided to create a team.  The goal is to lift a 200 lb pig onto a platform in the middle of the disgusting mud and poop filled ring, and place a hat on its head.  The team with the shortest time wins.  Our team, consisting of 2 nurses, a professor, and a crew coach placed 3rd.  We were all very proud of them.  It was very funny to watch.  We will definitely be going back next year. 
Besides the pig wresting, they had a corn maze, and many other activities for the kids.  The kids just ran around with their friends, playing in the corn, going down the slide and watching the pigs. 
I have to say, at first I was astounded that I was going to a pig wrestling event, but I ended up having so much fun.  The things you do in the country to stay entertained!
(Also, since school has officially started, I am hoping to keep up with the blogging a bit more!)