Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a Morning!

I was getting the kids ready for school this morning.
They were upstairs brushing their teeth when the doorbell rang.
(It was about 7:40 am)
We all thundered down the stairs to open it.
It was two neighbor kids.
They then told us that an orange cat had just been hit by a car.
Our cat is orange, and I had just let him outside 15 minutes previously.
I kept asking the girls where the cat was hit.
(I needed to go and make sure that it was, in fact, our cat.  There are a few orange cats around).
Both of my kids are sobbing with their toothbrushes hanging out of their mouths.
I keep trying to explain that it might not be our cat, but they don't seem to hear me.
While we are getting shoes on, Caden asks if we can get a new cat.
Ciara then says we need to give all the cat food and litter box to Amanda (a friend of ours who recently was adopted by a cat).
I keep telling the kids that we have no idea if Ty (our cat) was the one hit, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.
We did find the cat about 2 block away.
Luckily, it was NOT our cat.
(But I did see some other friends of ours walking down the street and am worried that it may have been their cat.)
Ciara is still upset that ANY cat has to go to heaven.
She was still in tears when I dropped her off at school.
And all this took place before 8 am.  
I need to go back to bed.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mommy Time

Just a quick note to all the mommies with kids at home:
Don't forget your friends that don't have kids at home.
We are still around.
And probably bored.
Don't assume that we don't want to hang out with you and your kids.
We are OK hanging out with you and your children.
We are used to having play dates.
Just because we don't have any kids to bring to the date, doesn't mean that we don't want to come!
Just thought I would let you know.

Soccer Sucks!

I really don't think that soccer sucks.
But this had been the most frustrating soccer season I have experienced.
It is Ciara's first season, and she is actually enjoying it, which I am grateful for.
But our team has NEVER won a game.
We have become experts in the art of losing.
Yes, I understand that it isn't about winning.
It how you play the game.
But when you see how they play in practice, 
and then how they play COMPLETELY differently during games, 
I just can't seem to control the frustration.
They are aggressive during practice, steal the ball from each other, and are not afraid.
During games, if the other team has it, they back up about 5 feet and let them take control.
And yes, I keep telling myself that they are 7 and younger.
I know that it doesn't matter as long as they enjoy themselves
And they do.
But when you see all the other teams, and the skill that they ALL have, it is easy to get a bit frustrated.
Oh, and not only have we never won a game, but I am pretty sure that we have only made about 2 goals (if that) during the entire season.
Today's game was the closest game we have had: 0-2
And during those 2 goals, our goalie was hanging on the side of the goal, completely oblivious to the game.
It was rather amusing.
I would honestly just love for our team to experience winning once.
Just once.
Is that too much to ask?
Apparently so.

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lazy Post

I really need to start writing posts when certain topics are on my mind.
I had two topics last week that I was constantly thinking about, 
but now that I have time to actually write, the heat of the moment has passed.
Maybe my senses have been dulled because of all the laziness.
Yes, I have become LAZY.
I stay in my PJ's for most of the morning, watch Will and Grace, surf online . . . 
I do get my cleaning and laundry done.
But then sit back down, grab my crochet hook, and just hang out.
I need some motivation.
But I really don't have a lot to get done.
(As a side note, why does the news keep showing graphic images of Kadhafi's death?  I find them disturbing.)
I still occasionally bake.
I just don't feel like doing anything.
Could I be depressed?
Is the quiet and lack of children getting to me?
It is hard to say, but I don't think so.
I don't feel sad.  
And if I felt lonely, I would just go and find some one to hang out with.
But I actually enjoy doing nothing.
So I will just go with it right now.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Helping Hands

A friend of mine had a small emergency recently and called to request my help.
I could tell by her voice that she was desperate, and she struggled with asking me for help, presumably because she didn't want to intrude, or ruin my evening.
It was really a simple request, one that I was able and very willing to do.
But I understand her struggle.
Living far away from family, you have to do a lot more on your own.
When you have a husband that travels, or works long hours, as well as being far away from family, you really are on your own so much more.
You have to be able to rely on friends.
As a friend myself, I understand the hesitation to ask for help.
I feel guilty any time I have to do it.
But when I am asked to help, I feel flattered.
Flattered because that means that whoever is asking for the help is comfortable enough, and likes me enough, to ask me specifically.
Yes, I am making their crisis about me.
But, I am also hoping to remove some of the guilt that one may feel in asking for help.
So don't feel guilty.
Know that I am secretly pleased because you like me.
You really like me.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The More the Merrier?

I was able to watch one of the General Conference sessions today at home.
 Neil L. Andersen's talk on family got me thinking.
We believe in Families, and we believe in Children.
Mormons are generally known for having large (and sometimes VERY large) families.
One of the questions people (who are unfamiliar with the Mormon faith) ask me is,
"Why do Mormons have so many children?"
Some confuse us with Catholics and think it is an issue about birth control.
Not true.
I struggled with how to answer this question.
In the 11 years that I have been going to church, I have never heard a talk or had a lesson on the requirement of a large family.
There was never a minimum number of kids that families were encouraged to meet, nor was there EVER any mention of small families being less important.
Now I feel like I have the response.
We believe in Families, and we believe in Children.
THAT is why so many have large families.
We believe in families and children so much that it manifests itself in the abundance of kids in certain families.
He also states that the timing and size of your family is a sacred decision to be made between a husband and wife, through discussion and prayer.
My family stands out a bit at church, only because we have only 2 children.
Many of our friends have 5 (with #6 on the way).
One of them asked the other day if I felt any pressure to have more kids.
I answered that I didn't.
That wasn't entirely true.
Occasionally, I will feel like I am less of a mother because I have less children.
I know this is untrue, but occasionally, against my better judgement, the feeling still creeps in.
My husband and I have discussed, and prayed, and we both feel that our family is complete.
I still get a little sad thinking that I won't get to be pregnant again, or have another baby in the house.
That part of my life seems to be over, and it still makes me emotional.
However, I am just as much a mother as one who has 6, 8, 10, or even 20 kids.
I have friends who have been unable to have even one child added to their family,
and I believe they are just as much a mother as I am.
I also believe that my small family size will enable us to enjoy alternative avenues (fostering is still on my mind for the future).
For my large-familied friends, you have never made me feel less than you.
These are my own issues.
Just wanted to make that clear!  :)