Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We Heart NYC

 Santa's big present to the kids this year was a trip to NYC to shop.  
Since Ciara's entire letter to Santa consisted of the entire American Girl catalog, he decided that this was the best way to handle that.
So Grandma Jill met us there, and spent the day shopping in the freezing wind and snow.
 Caden with Jack Sparrow at the Lego Store.

 Ciara had her heart set on going to the Statue of Liberty.  Unfortunately, it is closed right now for refurbishing, and the weather was so horrible that we didn't want to onto the island at all.  Luckily, Lego Store had the next best thing!

  Caden at his favorite store: Nintendo World.

Ciara in the American Girl store, on our way up to our appointment with the personal shopper.

 Ciara, making a promise to Maria, the best personal shopper!

 With new doll, McKenna.

With her new baby, April.

We started the day at the 911 Memorial.  The museum is still not finished, but the fountains and the grounds are open.  It was so cold, and the kids didn't really enjoy it, but I was glad we saw it.  I would like to go back when the weather is better, and when the museum opens up.
Then we headed up-town to FAO Schwartz, where the kids began their shopping.
Then it was onto the Lego store, Nintendo World and American Girl Store.
If any of you are planning on visiting an American Girl Store, I highly recommend personal shopping.
The store is so big and overwhelming.
Our personal shopper, Maria, had Ciara tell her what she wanted, and brought it to us.
We didn't have to wander the huge store; we got to sit on some comfy couches and relax.
Maria was also great about helping Ciara figure out what she really wanted.
She made sure she didn't want the doll just for the clothes, had her look at their hair and faces, and also made sure it was something she "really, really, really" wanted.  (it had to be 3 really's, not just 2)
She also taught her how to properly take care of her doll's hair.
We had a great experience, and can't wait to go back to NYC soon!


I just went through all the pictures on my camera, and realized I haven't posted any pictures since the end of school last year.  So here is a quick catch-up:
 Here are Ciara, Tate, and Miss Winder on the last day of school.  Ciara was sobbing so hard when I picked her up that day.

 We visited the Philadelphia Zoo with the Scotts.  It was so hot, but we had a blast!

 Ready to ride in the Christensen's annual 4th of July Parade.

 We made a few trips to Lake Tobias, this fun place with animals, convertible bus rides, and shirt-eating goats.

 First day of school!

 Ciara in her fall soccer game.


At the Christkindl market in Mifflinburg.  It was FREEZING!