Wednesday, August 31, 2011

School Days

We survived the first 2 days of school.
You may not think this is something to brag about, but after Ciara's first day experience, this is definitely something I am happy about.
I was worried more about Caden, being that it was his first day of Kindergarten.
He did great!
Walked into the building without so much as a backward glance.
I, on the other hand, was wiping away the tears as I made the long and lonely journey back home.
After school, I came to pick up the kids and asked how their first day was.
Caden said great!  
Loves his teacher, friends, lunch, recess, everything!
Ciara said terrible!
I was shocked.  
What could be so horrible?
Little did I know . . . .
There is a certain student in her grade.  I will call this student M.
M was disruptive, rude, and just plain awful.
Apparently, M threw a pencil box at the teacher's head, kicked and hit her, stole her scissors, attempted to cut the students, and cut the teacher.  I was also told that the teacher needed to get stitches.
The principal was called up to the room, and another teacher came in to remove the rest of the students out of the room while they dealt with M.
M has since been suspended from school for a few days, so yesterday was a really good day for Ciara.
I did go and talk to the guidance counselor to find out what will happen.
I don't want my daughter to have to deal with this throughout the whole year.
If M's behaviour doesn't improve, they can remove M from the school completely.
But at what point do they do that?
If I get a Dr's note stating that this situation is stressing my daughter out, I can have her put in an other class.  But would it stress her out more to switch classrooms?
I guess for now, I will be comfortable with the fact that M will NOT be back in class today, that the Principal will be closely monitoring the class, and that if it gets too bad I can fight to switch her teacher.
A lot of parents were talking about it yesterday at pick-up (whose kids were even in the class) and it just made me laugh a little to think that my daughter's first day will probably go down in elementary legend.  People will be talking about this for a LONG time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Can't Be Over!

What a summer! 
I feel like we have been going 100 mph. 
We have been to Chocolate World a few times, Lake Tobias, Halfway Dam, the Philadelphia Zoo, and everywhere in between.
Plus, we go swimming at our local pool almost everyday.
And the fun isn't over yet!
We are planning on going to NYC soon, and then next weekend Rocky and Cade will be going to a baseball game.
We have been filling in all the other days with trips to the pool and the library.
I still can't believe that school will be starting so soon.
We have the teacher assignments for the kids already.
Caden has 5 kids from his preschool class in his K class, but we can't seem to find anyone Ciara knows in her class.
I am just nervous about having no kids at home anymore.
What will I do?
My first instinct was to be a substitute teacher.
I called and got the application.
I have to write essays, get an official college transcript in a sealed envelope, and fill out about a million papers.
Needless to say, a little more intense than I thought.
But I do think a part time job would be worth it.
I do have some conditions:
I can only work between the hours of 8-2:30, no Saturdays or Sundays, and I will need the school holidays off as well.
Does a job like that exist?

I guess I will find out.

(For those of you who have been asking about my father in law, he is doing much better.  It was pretty rough for a while, but he is now in a rehabilitation center.  You can get more updates on his condition at Joe and the Falling Tree.)