Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Ode to Teachers

This isn't really an ode.  
It isn't lyrical.  It isn't poetic.
But it is my attempt to put into words the feelings I had at the end of the school year.
So last year wasn't the best year for one of my kids.
It was the first time I ever considered home schooling my children.
But this year was different.
We had a GREAT year!
Not only did both of my kids have the BEST teachers, they also had some really great kids in their class.
Everything was so great, it was so hard to see it end.
The phrase, "It takes a village" kept running through my mind.
Because I do what I can from home.
But my kids are in the care of others for about 7 hours on a weekday (school starts at 8:20 and they get out at 3).
So for 7 hours, their safety, health, well-being, etc. are in the hands of someone else.
Someone, who at the beginning of the year, is most likely a complete stranger.
For the most of us, our kid's lives are pretty safe while at school.
But there were 2 events this year that proved that safety in school is not always a given.
Newtown is the first incident.
This illustrated just how much my children's lives are in their teachers' hands.
And again with the tornadoes in Oklahoma.
From all accounts, in both cases, it sounds like the teachers did everything they could to protect their students, even if it meant the teacher sacrificed their own life.
It was a huge reminder of how the simple act of letting my kids out of my sight was literally putting their lives in the hands of others.
And the hands that took care of my kids this year were, well, I really can't find words to describe them.
I feel like I have a pretty great "village."
It's no wonder I get so attached to the teachers, you guys are basically helping me raise my kids for most of the year.
So thank you.
(and I am so glad so many of you are on facebook, because then I can still keep you in my "family")

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Mormon Unicorn

By now, most of you know that I have moved a lot in my life.  The longest I have stayed in one place is 5 years.  So I am used to the packing, unpacking, leaving friends, and meeting new one.
One thing I am NOT used to is people leaving me.
This does not happen to me.
At least, it didn't.
Until now.
My friends just keep leaving me.
On Monday, my PA BFF leaves for CA.
Which just basically sucks.
Replacing her is impossible.  
Mormon's are a pretty conservative group (to say the least), and when you aren't conservative yourself, you can feel a little out of step with everyone else.
She was really the first liberal Mormon I have met and connected with.
I have connected with many of the conservatives as well, and cherish my friendships with them. 
As do I cherish my friendships with my non-Mormon friends, liberal and conservative.
But finding someone like her has been like finding, well . . . . 
a Mormon Unicorn.
I know that finding another one is next to impossible.
It is hard to find someone who understands what we believe, but who also leans to the liberal side.
And I think people know that I am having a hard time because they keep coming up to me, and with the sympathetic head tilt, say, "How are you doing?  Are you OK?'"
So, instead of wallowing in my grief, I am going to take a proactive step to thwart my depression.
I will be accepting applications for a new PA BFF.
One of the main requirements is that you are not allowed to move for the foreseeable future.
You also have to have a sense of humor.
I will be creating an application for this, so just contact me if you are interested!