Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Picture Update

I am finally well! After that damn cold that killed my voice for almost a week, I caught the stomach flu. I forgot how horrible it can be. But I am all better now, and ready for Halloween. The kids have been able to wear their costumes many times already. Caden got to wear his to school on Monday, and Ciara wore hers to dance on Tuesday, and also will wear it to school on Friday. I have to admit they look dang cute. Caden is a monkey, and Ciara is a princess cat. She couldn't make up her mind between a cat and a princess, so she just combined them. I only have pictures of Ciara so far, since I forgot to take the camera to Caden's school. But after Friday, I will have lot more pictures for you all.
I also wanted to put other pictures on here, since it seems like forever since I have downloaded some. So enjoy!

Caden after he got into Rocky's shaving cream. Instead of punishing him, Rocky prefers to take pictures.

Here are the kids (Ciara, Caden and Nate, my nephew) at Gardner Village looking at the witches.

Again, Gardner Village. But this time riding horses.

Caden loved riding the horse. I just love the expression on his face in the picture.

We also visited the Scarecrow Festival. The kids had a blast. They got their faces painted, made rockets, rode horses (again), went through a haunted house, and played lots of games.

My princess kitty. I will have some of Caden in a few days.

I got my hair cut on Saturday, and on a whim I decided to add some pink. Rocky thinks I am a little crazy, but that is why he loves me. I think it is kind of fun. And it washes out, not permanent. Ciara loves it and wants some in her hair now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 4

I still have no voice. And I seem to be feeling worse. I think it is because I just need to slow down for a few days. I have been running around for the past week. Saturday we went to the Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point, Sunday was my Uncle's birthday party (after a full day of church), Monday I had 3 kids and went to the gym, yesterday I had 3 kids again, went to Ciara's dance, and got the kids pictures taken, and today I have 3 kids again. I was going to go to the gym (I got my bag all ready last night) but I just have decided to try to relax today (as much as I can with all the kids running around). I started to catch up on some stuff, like finding out where to vote, etc. when I find out that I am not registered. Great. I was so upset that I just burst into tears after I hung up the phone. I never thought I would be so upset that I couldn't vote, but I am. I think maybe the sickness is getting to me as well. When I got my Utah driver's license at the beginning of this year, I registered then. But apparently the DMV is not good at registering people. At least that is what the girl on the phone told me. So I guess I am not allowed to have an opinion this election. I am also mad at myself. I should have made sure I was registered months ago so I would have had time to get it all organized. Too late now. And for those of you wondering, the pictures went OK. It was so cold and windy, and we froze the kids. My sister forgot her outfit for Nate, so we had to have her hubby bring it to us (we were in American Fork, so it took a while). By the time we had it, Nate had enough of the cold, and so did my kids. I felt so bad for them, forcing them to be out in the cold wind, but I didn't want to cancel, since she (the picture lady) is booked for the rest of the year. I hope we get some good pics out of this, and the kid's noses are all red. I will let you know when I see them (about 3 weeks).

Monday, October 20, 2008


Cold and flu season has started at our house.  Caden started this last weekend with a fever of 103, and then an earache last Monday.  Antibiotics are great, and he is doing so much better.  But then Rocky got it, and I got it this past Thursday.  I thought I was getting better over the weekend, but then I lost my voice.  For 2 days I have not been able to talk over a whisper.  This sucks.  Especially when I am trying to talk to the kids.  Caden just keeps saying, "Talk louder Mom."  He doesn't understand that I can't.  And trying to get their attention is almost impossible.  I have to resort to clapping loudly, or stomping my feet, or anything to make a loud noise.  I know that Rocky enjoys it when I can't talk; it is a lot quieter in our house when my voice is gone.  Halls and Breath Right strips have become my friend, and I hope I can talk tomorrow.  We are getting the kids pictures taken, and I am SO excited.  Depending on how it goes tomorrow, I will post her information so you all can see for yourself.  

Friday, October 17, 2008


Every election year, around this time, I become so sick of politics. The damn commercials, the debates, the news. It is just too much. And I get tired of everyone arguing about who would make a better president. I do have my own opinion, but it is just that, an opinion. So is yours. Don't try to change my mind with "facts." Most of us only know what we hear from the news, and it is not unbiased. And don't jump down my throat because I may disagree with you. Is it just me, or has it been getting more volatile every 4 years? I don't remember this much drama before the election 8 years ago. All the drama came after. Then 4 years ago it got a little worse, and this time it seems like no one can get along. Therefore, I am not going to share my opinion with you all, in hopes that you will not care who I am going to vote for. Yes, the country is kind of a mess right now, but I am not hoping that one person can fix it. I don't think there is anything that any president can do to wipe away all this mess. I am just really glad for SNL, Daily Show, and Colbert Report that can at least make me laugh at all this stuff. In an election year, they are my favorite news programs.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Well, I'm Still Here

So I survived 30. I am officially here, and am not old. I think I can deal with it. I did hyperventillate a little when at the gym. On the stair machine, it asks you to input your age. My hand trembled as I had to push the "3" first. But I got over it, and have made it through the first half of the day.
One thing I do love about my birthday (not matter what age) are the PRESENTS! This year turned out to be the year of the jewelry. I attended a Lia Sophia party with my mother in law, and she pretty much just got me every thing on my wish list. Wahoo! But I also got some great gift cards and cash, so Caden and I went to the mall. I didn't get anything too exciting with it yet, but plan to go sans kids soon. My sister threw me a surprise party with weekend, which was definitely surprising. She put some great (embarassing) pictures of my from my childhood up, and we had great Godiva Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. There was one problem with the party: my husband chose to go hunting. He missed the party. I was so sad about that. But he did try to make it up to me. He sent flowers to the gym when I was working, and he also got me New Kids on the Block tickets! I am so excited. I know that many of you think that I am a total dork for wanting to see them, but I can't help it. They were the first band I ever loved.
One other gift that deserves honorable mention is the cutest bag:

This bag is way cuter in person. Although I can't decide on the fabric. The other option I like is:

I love them both. But I think I almost want the black, since I do not have a cute black bag. There was also many other gifts that I loved as well, so thank you to everyone who remembered, and those who came to the party. I have decided that 30 isn't so bad, and that I might actually enjoy myself!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


This past week, Rocky and I celebrated out 8th anniversary. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't sound like a lot of time, but I really can't believe I have been married so long. I have to say how happy I am that I married him, and even though he does drive me crazy sometimes, I feel happy every day. I need to get some of our wedding photos scanned onto here to reminisce. The other thing that happens 8 days after my anniversary is my birthday. I am usually really excited about my birthday (it is my favorite holiday) but this year I am more anxious about it. If you didn't already know, I am turning 30. Even as I write that number I have to cringe a little. I know that most of you will say, "30 isn't that old, get over it." And I know that. I think once I am there, it won't be that big of a deal. But anticipating it sucks. My sister and her friends used to use the number 30 as the biggest number. If someone was gone for a long time, they would say, "They were gone for like 30." Coincidentally, I am watching the episode of Friends where they all turn 30. I used to watch Friends and think, "Well, I am younger than all of them." Now I watch and think, "I am the same age." For some reason this depresses me. I think the reason I feel so weird about 30 is that I really don't feel so different from when I was in college. I expected to feel all adult and mature at 30, but I still feel like the same girl who streaked across the U (it was around 3 in the morning, and no one was around). I have decided that all of my future birthdays will be 27. I am going to turn 27 every year.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Am I The Crazy One?

Today at the gym, I overheard some ladies talking while getting ready in the locker room. They were right next to me, so I wasn't trying to eavesdrop (OK, maybe I am a little nosey, but they were talking really loudly). They were discussing Halloween, and what their kids were going to be. The conversation turned to last years Halloween. They were trying to remember what their friends kids were last year, when they remembered one little boy. This little boy wanted to be a butterfly (like his older sister) but was made to be a truck since the mom deemed a butterfly not appropriate for him. And these 2 moms were in total agreement with this. I have a small problem with this. Aren't they just forcing the gender role onto this young boy? (From the conversation, I am guessing he was 2 or 3 when this happened). I know that men will disagree, and would force their son to be something masculine. At least most of them would. But I really don't see what the problem is. You do not have to dress him up in pink and purple sparkly wings, but they have some great Monarch butterfly costumes (that are black and orange) and work for boys and girls. For example:

I think that is costume is adorable for a boy or a girl. I have also seem some moth-like costumes that any toddler would think is a butterfly. My point is that butterflies do not have to be girl specific. And that we force gender roles onto kids way too early. They will learn for themselves, trust me! We are kind of having an issue of this in our home. As I mentioned in my previous blog, Caden is really into dancing. He loves to watch Ciara's ballet recital on DVD and loves to show us his arabesque. Rocky is getting worried that he will want to be a dancer. This fact doesn't bother me. If Caden wants to take ballet, then I am signing him up. Rocky does understand that if Caden wants to do this, then he won't stand in his way. But it will bother him. He has promised to keep his mouth shut if this does happen, but I also tell him that in a few years, Caden will probably have different interests. I know Rocky would get over his son being a dancer, but I do worry about his family. I will have to tape Joe's (Rocky's dad) mouth shut if he hears about Caden's dancing. (I say tape it shut because Joe will have many not so nice things to say about his only grandson doing something not so manly).

So, am I the only one who feels this way? Do you all think it is OK for parents to force certain roles onto their children? And I don't want to hear that forcing the gender role is OK because you don't want your child to be teased. I know that it is something to think about, but I would rather my child be himself and not change for fear of peer pressure.

**I just showed Rocky the costume and he does NOT think it is OK for a boy.**