Thursday, August 26, 2010

Conversations at KFC

There is a KFC/Taco Bell restaurant located on the highway not too far from here.  I am a huge fan of Taco Bell, so I try to convince my family that we need to eat there more than they want to.  Last weekend, after coming home from a great day of pig wrestling (yes, another blog with pictures will have to follow this), we decided to stop off at this Taco Bell.  Now, what makes this Taco Bell so interesting (besides the fact that KFC is also there) is the fact that they have a KFC all you can eat buffet.  I have never eaten from this buffet, basically because the sight of it disgusts me.  There are, however, MANY others who frequent the buffet.  And they are all interesting.  Here is an example of some conversations I heard from the tables around us:
1.  "So my brother is having a kid.  Well, he thinks it's his.  Yeah, his girlfriend did it with him, and then a few hours later did it with some other guy."  All this was being said across the room at another table.
2.  This was a mother and daughter talking.  The daughter had a little baby girl with her.  "Where did you get $2000?"  "It was child support from when he went to prison.  I just saved it up while he was locked up."
From pig wrestling, to paternity tests, to prison.  What an interesting weekend!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Trip

We recently returned from our first trip back to UT after moving out to PA.  What a fun and busy 2 weeks!  Here is a basic rundown of all the things we did:
Had pancakes or waffles almost every morning for breakfast.
Visited lots of family!
Hung out with lots of friends!
Toured a bakery (and ate yummy donuts)
Went to Cowabunga Bay (a water park)
Went to Incredible Pizza (a fun place with games, go-karts, mini-golf, etc.)
Swam at my old gym (I still miss it so much!)
Swam at a college friends house.
Ate at Joe's (Crab Shack).
Went to the movie theatre, and saw Ramona and Beezus, and Toy Story 3.
Went to a carnival, and set off some fireworks.
I am sure I am forgetting things, we seemed to have stuff to do every day.  We had so much fun, but were still so happy to be home.  I miss our family and friends so much, but have really adjusted to life in PA.  I had forgotten about how awful the road construction can be, and how busy everything is.  I have decided that I actually like small town life (although if we could just get a good gym and a Nordstrom close by, my life would be as close to perfection as it could get).  I have almost recovered from our whirlwind adventure.  We are excited to have lots of visitors in the next few weeks, and even more excited for school to start!   I will hopefully be able to post more when school starts and actually have a few hours to myself during the week.