Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shoe Love

Since there is no Nordstrom around, I have been saving a lot of money.  However, I am still drawn to the online shoe department where they have thousands of shoes for me to browse.  Ahh, to dream that I would win the lottery and have a chance to purchase shoes until my heart is content.  As a substitute, I am going to show you pictures of my favorite shoes that I found on their site. 

First: the Fergie Rusher Wedge.  SO fun in green!  These are not too pricey, perhaps I can find a way to get theses . . .

Now the MICHAEL Michael Kors Sycamore Wedge.  I have a couple pairs of Michael Kors shoes, and do like how they fit.  These are a little pricier, so chances are I will not be wearing these any time soon.  But I can look, and picture myself wearing them around the house while vacuuming, or cooking. . .

Last, but certainly not least, I have discovered these gorgeous shoes that I will dream about for a few weeks.  This is the Sam Edelman Quinly Sandle.  I am totally in love.  I know it is wrong to love a "thing" so much, but I think these shoes are gorgeous.  And so practical!  I am sure they would look great while making the beds in the morning, or in front of my new washer and dryer . . . I think the red would really accent the color of these!   I am sure that these shoes would be equally at home in the park chasing my  kids around, or on the red carpet. 

Again, it is a good thing that the closest Nordstrom is about 3 hours away. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Single Ladies Controversy

I know this has been on the news, and it popped up on my AOL news.  I just can't NOT comment.  Here is the video for those of you that haven't seen it:

These girls are INCREDIBLE dancers, I don't think you can dispute that.  But they are about the same age as my daughter.  There is NO WAY I would have allowed her to wear a costume like that.  Even some of the dance moves I found a little inappropriate for 7 year-olds.  Do we really need to teach them to bump and grind?  Won't they learn that for themselves at some college party when they are 12 years older?  Perhaps the dance moves wouldn't have seemed so provocative had they not been dressed like Lady Marmalade.   
Have I become ultra-conservative?  Would any of you be comfortable letting your 7 year old perform like this?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too Far Away

This last week has been the first real demonstration of how far away we are.  My grandmother died on the 3rd.  This wasn't a surprise, she was old and not in the best health.  But I was not able to make it to the funeral.  I have felt just horrible about this.  I know that there isn't anything I can do, and it isn't like me being there changes anything.  But I still wish I were able to go, and it just reminds me that I don't live close to my family anymore, and I can't just be there. 
Since I couldn't go to the funeral, here is my small tribute to my Grandma Gilmore:
As a child, I didn't really look forward to going to her house.  Her and my grandpa smoked constantly, and all they wanted to do was sit and talk.  For a kid, that is really boring.  As I got older, I began to appreciate her more.  I still hated the smoke filled house, and how it would take days for the smell to come out of my hair.  But I began to enjoy her sharp wit and humor.  Her laugh was always the best!  It would sound like she was screaming.  I am sad that my kids, or even my husband, never really got to hear the full sound of her laugh.  I loved how she thought my dad was the best.  It was so funny to see how much she favored him.  He was the golden boy and we all knew it.  Even in her final days, she made sure the nurses knew that Ron was her best son.  She also always had candy out in little jars around the house.  As she got older, so did the candy, and in the last 10 years I stayed away from the candy because it was almost petrified.  We also loved how she pronounced certain words.  "Rouge" and "Garage" and "Charm" and "Whoopie" were some favorites.  She was a great story teller.  I will never forget her story of when she was younger and she thought that "a queer" (her word, not mine) was coming on to her.  She also told me about "pitching the woo" which apparently means making out.  Goodbye Grandma Gilmore.  You will be missed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Customer Service II

I already have a post titled "Customer Service" so I decided to make this #2.  I have made some large purchases lately, and am frustrated with the lack of service some places provide. 
1.  Our realtor.  As many of you know, we recently purchased a house.  Our first realtor was very nice, however not proactive.  He was happy to take us to the houses I found online myself, but never found one on his own.  Wait, I take that back.  He was very happy to show us houses he found that were NOT in our price range.  So we found another realtor, who found us the house we are in now.  SHE found it, not me on the internet.  Anyways, when realtor #1 was told we had purchased a house with a different realtor, he became snippy.  And he is an elderly man, so snippy looks really bad on him.  He would not call us back, and made it a frustrating experience to try to get our deposit back on the house we had been temporarily renting.  Luckily, we got the deposit back, and are now down dealing with him.  But for the record, I do NOT recommend Jim H. with Villager Realty.
2.  IKEA.  We purchased the kids all new furniture and decided the best place to go for them was IKEA.  The biggest problem is the fact that the closest IKEA is about 3 hours away.  We planned the trip, and even borrowed a trailer to haul all the furniture back with us.  I had checked online beforehand to make sure they had all the items I wanted in stock, which they did.  We got there and found everything except for Caden's dresser.  I found a salesperson, and asked if they had more.  I was told they did have more, but they store them way up high, and cannot get to them while the store is open, and that I would just have to come back tomorrow.  I explained that I couldn't do that since we live so far away.  They just looked at me like, "So?" and walked away.  After we went home, I decided to see if I could order one online.  I found that I could, but when I went to check out, the shipping charges came out to be $299.00.  Assuming this was a mistake, I called their 800 number to talk to someone.  I told him the situation, and he assured me that $299.00 is the correct amount for shipping.  SERIOUSLY????  The dresser only cost $120.  Who would pay that much for shipping?  In the end, Rocky was in Philly for some training, and was able to stop by IKEA and get the dresser. 
3.  Best Buy.  Last week I purchased a new washer and dryer.  I was so excited, this was the first new washer and dryer I have every purchased.  I was getting a front load, which I have been dreaming about for a couple of years now.  We went to Best Buy, Sears and Lowes.  I had a coupon for Best Buy and for Lowes.  I found the ones I liked at Sears, and they were on sale.  Best Buy had a sale of buy one pedestal and get the 2nd free.  I called Best Buy to see if they would price match, and they said they would.  I also asked to make sure I would still get the pedestal deal as well, which they told me I would.  So we went to the store to purchase them.  When we got there, they explained that they could price match, but I wouldn't get the pedestal deal.  WHAT??  I was told on the phone that they would.  Their response:  "Well, they made a mistake.  Let me talk to the manager and see what I can do."  When did purchasing appliances become buying a car?  They come back with a different deal, which is crap.  So we left and ended up at Sears.  They got us the best deal, and also gave us a free pedestal.  Thank you Sears!  Best Buy: you suck!