Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Damn Delta Airlines

So we had another horrible customer service experience.  Rocky and I have been planning a trip to Pennsylvania in the next couple weeks.  We have lot's of skymiles, and thought we could use those for one of the tickets.  We found his skymiles number, but couldn't find the pin number, and of course, you can't do anything without the pin.  After a day of trying to guess the number, we were finally locked out of the account.  Rocky decides to call and find out what his pin is.  After a number of phone calls (one of which the representative hangs up on him) he finally gets it figured out.  I then go online to try to book the ticket only to find out that we have been locked out of our account.  I called Rocky to let him know, and he said they told him that our account is good now.  I finally call myself, and tell them the problem.  They tell me that I am wrong.  This pisses me off.  I am looking directly at my computer, and it says that our account has been locked.  He tells me again that everything is fine with my account, and offers to walk me through the process of logging on.  I explain that walking me through will not make a difference, since I am locked out.  He again says that I am not locked out, and that everything is fine.  Again, I say it is NOT fine since I cannot access my account.  He finally transfers me to another department where they tell me there is nothing they can do, and that we have to wait 24 hours to access our account.  I called Rocky and told him this, so he calls up Delta to argue some more.  They then inform us that we need 50,000 miles to fly to Pennsylvania, and we only have 49,000.  When did this happen?  I thought that all domestic flights were only 25,000.  Oh well.  We got the flights booked, and then yesterday Rocky wanted to change one of the flights.  He apparently had to go through many people, supervisors, and (after dropping the "f-bomb") ended up at the complaint department where they finally were able to work with him.  Why are these people intent on making our life difficult?  We were trying not to use Delta, but that is difficult when you are flying out of Salt Lake.  
Enough of the anger, next post will be about my kids new favorite activity:  snail races!