Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out With the Old

I have decided that I would like a new wedding ring.
No, not a bigger ring.
Just a new one.
I know that my husband is not too keen on this idea.
I am fine with selling my original ring in order to get a new one.
Does this make me heartless?
I love what the ring symbolizes, not the physical thing.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think my ring is ugly.
It has just become inconvenient.
It is a traditional diamond solitaire, with 2 diamond bands surrounding it.
What I don't like is the big solitaire.
I hit it on stuff all the time.
I scratch things (and people) with it.
Another problem I have with it is the metal. 
It is made of white gold, which need to be coated with rhodium occasionally to keep it looking silver.
This tends to get annoying.
I have been doing some research online, and have decided I would like my next ring to be made of palladium.
It is mean to be lighter in weight, and is naturally a silvery color, so no rhodium coating needed.
Plus, it isn't as expensive as platinum.
Here are some examples of what I want:

Am I asking for too much??

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Of course my kids just can't get over their illnesses. 
Ciara has been through 4 rounds of antibiotics to get rid of her last ear infection (and the last prescription gave her a reaction).
And now Caden is on round 2 for his latest ear infection.
With Rocky's new job, we had to switch to an individual insurance plan.  His work pays a certain amount each month towards our premium, which makes it work out pretty well. 
The plan we currently have does not have a prescription coverage. 
It would have been and extra $100 per month to be covered (out of our pocket).
None of us are using any prescription on a regular basis, so we decided that it was just a waste.
Even after all the medicine we have needed these past few months, I still know it wouldn't be worth having the coverage.
But still.
Amoxicillian I am OK with.  At Walmart, it is only $4.  But the next antibiotic that we need is $81. 
Why does it have to cost so much?
If it doesn't work, can I bring it back for a full refund?
I would LOVE to see that!
Luckily we have a discount card that saved us $20.
Where do these discount cards come from?
If they are free, then why do I need a card?  Can't you just lower the price?
Obviously, I don't understand our health care system.
And the reason I don't understand it is:

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I do not enjoy being confronted with stereotypes. 
 Really, I don't think anyone does. 
But it seems that we just can't help but believe them.
As a Mormon, there are MANY stereotypes that people think define me.
I would like to dispel some of these.

1.  I did not grow up in Utah.

2.  I am not a huge fan of the Osmond's (I actually had to google them to get the spelling right).

3.  I am not a Republican.

4.  I am the only wife of my husband (I am amazed to find out how many people actually believe that we are polygamists).

5.  I only have 2 children, and no, I do not plan on having 8.

6.  I am not in love with Mitt Romney.

7.  I do not support Glenn Beck (frankly, he kind of creeps me out).

8.  I once had a nose ring, and I still have tattoos.

9.  I do not consider BYU to be the only option for my kids future college plans.
(I actually worry that my kids will want to go there someday.)

10.  I love Tupac.

Just thought you might like to know!