Friday, May 17, 2013

Pet Peeve

I used to be a big fan of Glee.
But I stopped watching because of one small thing.
It was when Emma wouldn't move with Will for his new job.
And then something similar on The Office happened.
Pam didn't want to move for Jim's new career.
This bothers me. 
I am guessing that since I moved so much growing up, I don't see moving as such a big deal.
It is an adventure.
It is usually fun.
And so for these married/engaged couples to just throw away what they have because of a location, I find it wrong.
(Yes, I realize that they are not real couples, and they are fictional characters on the television.)
I hate that they don't find a way to compromise.
That since one wants to move and the other doesn't, they just go their separate ways.
I didn't stop watching The Office because Jim and Pam didn't call it quits.
Jim came back because he realized his family is more important.
Thank you for that Jim.
I was disappointed at the beginning of the finale to see that a year down the road, Jim was still working at Dunder Mifflin.
It made me disappointed in Pam for not supporting him in doing something more.
Luckily, by the end of the show, Pam did do something that was totally redeeming.
Thank you, The Office, for ending Jim and Pam in that manner.
When people grow, they don't always have to grow apart.
They can grow and move on together.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Yes, it's soccer season again.
With both kids playing on different teams (and different age groups), this time of the year can get pretty crazy with all the games and practices.
Luckily, Caden will be giving up soccer next year.
Ciara, on the other hand, LOVES soccer.
No, she is not good at it in any way.
Ciara is by FAR one of the least coordinated players on her team.
She is also the smallest.
But I think one of the reasons she loves it so much is because of her coaches and teammates.
Let me tell you about Saturday's game:
We started out slowly, but by the 3rd quarter had built up a decent lead.
For the 4th quarter, Coach Fred put Ciara out front and told everyone to pass it to her so she could score a goal.
Any time another player had the ball, all the girls on the bench would yell, "Pass it to Ciara!"
Even the girls on the field would yell with them.
And they would pass it to Ciara.
And she would try her hardest to score.
She never did.
But that didn't stop the girls from passing it to her.
Someone from the other team tripped her at one point, and they gave us a goal kick.
Even though there were many he could have picked to take the shot (and many who had a better chance at actually MAKING the shot), Coach Fred told Ciara to take it.
Again, no goal.
But no one minded (at least, not outwardly.  I am sure some of them were groaning on the inside).
They still continued to feed Ciara the ball for the rest of the game.
She never did score, but she was so proud that she ALMOST scored.
And I, being the emotional wuss that I am, tried not to cry as I heard all the girls cheering for my daughter.
During the fall season, we had a similar experience.
One of our better players (Maddie) told Ciara where to stand.
She then said that she would pass the ball to Ciara so she could score.
And even though it took about 20 tries, Ciara finally scored.
So, I just want to express my gratitude for Coach Fred and Coach Adam who have made my daughter love soccer.  And for all the Paw Prints who have helped build her confidence.
I am so sad that we won't be able to play next year with you all (Coach Fred and Coach Adam will only be doing club).
If club weren't so competitive, I would consider having Ciara play there just to stay with her team.
For now, we will just enjoy our last weeks with the best team ever!