Friday, January 28, 2011

Missionary Work

Missionary work is a big thing for the Mormons.
Especially out here where we are few and far between.
We are taught that every member is a missionary.
I struggle with this.
For me, my beliefs are such a personal and private thing that I have a hard time bringing it up to other people.
However, I have a plan.
I will be a stealth Mormon. 
I will just be the wonderful, perfect person that I am.
I won't tell anyone that I am LDS.
Everyone will want to be like me.  
They will see my wonderfulness, and strive to do everything that I do.
Including . . . 
Go to my church.
When they find out what church it is, they will be so consumed with thoughts of being like me that they will gladly follow me into church.
How is that for a plan?
(In case you couldn't tell, I am being extremely sarcastic.  I really don't expect people to want to emulate me.  However, if you do decide to be just like me, contact me and I can give you some pointers.)

We do feed our young missionaries on a regular basis, and have enjoyed getting to know all of them.

Here are our missionaries hard at work.

They built some snowmen and decorated them with their pass along cards.  
Must have been a slow day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Looking Back

I did not blog much last year. 
You would think that not much happened. 
The opposite is actually true. 
I guess that so much kept happening that I was unable to keep up!
A quick recap of 2010:
Rocky started a new job.
Moved 2200 miles to Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.
Bought a house in Selinsgrove (so another move, but not so far).
Ciara and Caden attended 3 different schools.
All of my grandmothers died.
Rocky started another new job, but this time in State College.
New church callings (Sunday school teacher for me, Elder's Quorum Presidency for Rocky)
Lots of exploring!
(NYC, DC, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Baltimore, Hershey)
We have now officially lived in PA for 1 year.
I feel like I have learned some things.
1.  I am still fascinated with the Amish.
2.  Small country down does not always equal less diversity.
3.  I am a pretty good baker.
4.  40 degrees here is MUCH colder than 40 degrees in Utah or Colorado.
5.  Snow is not always powdery.
6.  Probably most importantly, Heavenly Father has his hand in all things.  I don't understand a lot of it right now, and a lot of things have not gone as planned (aka jobs) but I still know there is a purpose to all of this. 
I will also have to post some pictures of my new hobby, crocheting! 
I have been making baby hats constantly.
Not sure why, since I have no babies myself.
Considering starting and Etsy store to sell them. 

Monday, January 10, 2011


On Friday, my cousin and his wife welcomed their first child.  Thank goodness for technology, because it was on facebook that I found out that her water broke, and through texting that I was notified that she had been born.
They live in Las Vegas, so the chance of me seeing this new baby anytime soon is quite small.
I do love babies!
Every time I hear the news of a new baby, I immediately start to reminisce about my own birthing experience.  Does everyone do that?
And now you all get to read about it!  
(Aren't you lucky?)
Ciara was late.  I can remember on my due date taking a walk with a co-worker (while at work, I think he was trying to get me to go into labor) and people would stop and ask when I was due.
Telling them all that today was my due date was kind of upsetting.
It got worse the next few days when I would have to say, "Oh, it was 5 days ago!"
She stayed in 10 days too long, and we finally decided it was time for her to get out.
She was officially evicted on April 19th.
I didn't want to be induced (I was hoping to go without an epidural) but was so tired of being pregnant, and going to the non-stress tests twice a week.  
Plus, I had almost no amniotic fluid left.
Anyway, they broke my water, and hooked me up to pitocin.
Wow, that stuff worked fast!
I was in the worst pain ever for about 4 hours when I finally changed my mind and got the epidural.
I slept for the rest of my labour, pushed for about 2 hours (2 hours and 20 minutes to be exact) and there she was, my 9 lb baby girl.
Caden was a little different.
They  knew he was going to be big, and at the last ultrasound (a week before his due date), they estimated him to be close to 11 lbs.  
So my Dr decided that she was not "comfortable" delivery such a large baby, and pushed me to have a c-section.  
I knew that he was not that big, and that I could do this the "regular" way, but after her terrifying me with stories of paralyzed arms and brain damage, we decided to have the c-section.
It was so quick, and anti-climactic.
But I did have a healthy almost 10 lb baby boy.
I wish I could go back and experience those days just one more time.
(Yes, I realized I could just have another baby to experience it again, but I really don't want another baby, just the experience of giving birth again.  What a magical day!)