Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer In Review

I can't believe summer is almost over!
This is our last week of official summer vacation.
We have school orientation tonight and Wednesday night.
And then school starts next week.
(And we go to Disney in less than a month!)
But I really can't believe that another summer has gone by, and my kids are in yet another grade.
This is Caden's last year at the elementary school (the elementary school only has K-2), and in 2 years Ciara will be in middle school (which terrifies me to no end).
Things I will miss about summer:
lazy mornings
the POOL!
feeling carefree (most of the time)
not having a schedule
Things I look forward to with school starting:
back on a schedule (I can only handle not having a schedule for so long)
not taking the kids to work with me
getting involved in their classrooms
school supplies (I just love notebooks and pencils)
So, here's to another great year of school, soccer, hockey, baseball, etc!