Friday, March 14, 2014

Disney Addiction Recovery - I am suffering from PDD: Post Disney Depression. My only cure is a trip to Main Street, a Dole Whip & some pixie dust...

My sister recently found this on Pinterest.
I have found it extremely accurate.
We have not been to Disney since September of 2013 and I am still sad to not be there.
I am sad to know that I will not be eating a waffle sandwich while sitting near the Haunted Mansion.
Or that there are no Dole Whip's in sight.
You would think after getting to visit Disney 2 times within a 12 month period, I would be over the Disney craze.
But going there seems to make it worse.
Hi, my name is Nici, and I am addicted to Disney World and Land.
It all started in college.
My BFF was from LA, and so we would take many trips during fall and spring break to her house.
While we were there, we would spend much time at Disney Land.
We would go there from the time they opened and wouldn't leave the park until they closed.
This is how it always starts.
Just an innocent trip to the happiest place on earth.
I started to collect Disney snow globes, and then bought some Disney Barbies.
But then I graduated college, got married, and started a family.
There was no time, and DEFINITELY no money for trips to Disney.
And then, in 2012, my parents decided to take us all to Disney World.
We all had such a great time.
Even my husband, who thought that he would hate it.
He liked it so much that he suggested we plan another trip.
So we did.
Planning the next trip kept the obsession going.
And then we visited the park again, and had a fantastic time.
But now, we have no plans to visit again.
I really need to find a Disney World Recovery Group.
And every time I find out a friend of mine is planning a trip, I get extremely jealous.
It is sad.
I am a grown ass woman (to quote another dear friend of mine) and I can't get enough of Disney World.
Are all the rides coated in crack mixed with pixie dust?
Do they lace their food with an addictive substance?
If you haven't ever visited, you may not want to start.
Because once you start, it is hard to break the Disney habit.

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Pam said...

I completely understand! Tori has been 6 or 7 times, and she's only 10! I thought I was done for a while after the last trip, but I'm thinking about it again! It's always worst when I'm not planning a trip to somewhere. I think all the WDW ads I see when I'm online make it worse!