Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday

I have noticed that Throwback Thursday is becoming quite popular.  
I have always wanted to participate, but all my childhood pictures are at my parents house, which just happens to be 2000 miles away from me at the moment.
I also just completed a book call "What Alice Forgot."  
It is about a woman who hit her head at the gym and thinks that it is 10 years ago.
I found it interesting.
So, my version of TBT will be to write a bit about what my life was like every past 10 years.
 I was working at OC Tanner in Salt Lake City, UT.  I was also pregnant with my first child.  I can remember being so excited, and yet terrified at the same time.  
It took us quite some time to get pregnant with her, and I was so afraid that something would go wrong.
The pregnancy ended up being rather uneventful, and I did give birth to a very beautiful baby girl.  
(I seriously cannot believe she will be 10 this year.  Kind of freaks me out how old I have become.)
We had recently moved from Tulsa, OK to Bogota, Colombia.
  It was a moved I had looked forward to, since Tulsa was not my favorite place.  
Bogota ended up being one of the most favorite places I have ever lived.
I could write a whole post just on the wonderfulness of Colombia.
Dancing, beautiful green mountains, vibrant city, DELICIOUS food.
My memories get a bit fuzzier the further back I go, but I do know we were living in Muscat, Oman.
My best friend was Lesley.  We did just about everything together.
My family spent a lot of time a the beach, and wadi bashing when possible.
I was also British for this period of my life.
(My sister and I attended a British school, and we both spoke with British accents)
We also had to opportunity to travel extensively (Paris, London, Singapore, Denmark, India, Thailand, New Zealand, to name a few).
And that is as far back as I go, because I wasn't born in 1974.
Perhaps 'Flash-forward Friday' will be the next thing.
So tomorrow I should consider what the next 10 years will bring . . . 
(Oh crap, that means my youngest will be turning 18 and graduating!!!!)

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