Friday, March 21, 2014


As I was looking at the traffic sources of my blog, some disturbing information came up.
The #1 searched phrase for my blog was "desperate mormon housewife."  
That makes sense.
But the next 4 searched phrases are bothering me.
They all were some form of "naked/nude kids playing pool."
I am pretty sure that there are no nude picture of my kids on the blog.
So if that is what you are here to see, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!
I am quite bothered by this.
Why would my blog show up when those words/phrases are searched for?
I am disturbed.

Onto my intended subject of the day . . . .
The PSSA's began today for my daughter.
(For those not in PA, or even in the USA, the PSSA's are the state mandated standardized tests)
We have 6 days of testing.
I am not going to get into the politics, and the right and wrong of the testing practices.
I would just like to thank our school for making the testing experience a pleasurable one for my daughter.
She looks forward to these tests.
(Yes, that does make her seem a little crazy)
But I think the school makes a big effort to make them seem fun, so that the kids don't worry about the testing process.
They provide all the kids with snacks, like fruit and granola bars.
Then they test until lunch, and relax for the rest of the day.
Plus, they have a different teacher as the test mediator, and I think she enjoys getting to know another teacher.
She made plans to arrive at school 15 minutes earlier than usual.
She was so excited last night for these tests.
I think half of the excitement is knowing that there will be no homework assigned for the next week.
(I appreciate that fact as well.)
So thank you, Selinsgrove Intermediate School, for taking a possibly stressful event and creating fun for my daughter.

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